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Theatrical Dangling, Creative Tangling...

Tess is an aerial storyteller who creates intimate and innovative art on dance trapeze, lyra, silks, rope, and anything else in the air. 

Raised in Auckland and schooled by the world, Tess has performed, taught and collaborated in almost every continent. From cabaret to contemporary, she has created with several aerial dance/theatre companies and performed in some of Europe’s biggest big tops. Tess revels in experimentation and has teamed up with spoken word poets, NASA engineers, and Tesla coil musicians to bring her ideas to life.

Her work likes to wander between the worlds of circus, dance and theatre, mixing mediums to create meaning-full movement. Her art explores opposition - division/connection, good/bad, us/them etc, and the space between these boundaries. Tess is known for her attention to theatrical detail, integrating set design and apparatus, and her open, comfortable stage presence; "Less Showing, More Sharing". A magnetic performer and professional dreamer, she welcomes you to come along for the ride...

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